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Welcome to Scantronix, Inc.


Scantronix Inc. is a MTH Pump Distributor- www.MTHPumps.com- in Mexico, Central & South America and the Caribbean Islands, headquartered in Plantation, Florida

At Scantronix we pride ourselves on providing, almost a decade of sales and customer service support as an International Distributor of Commercial and Industrial Pumps throughout the Latin American Continent.


Our mission is to create lasting partnerships with all our distributors and end-users, built on honesty, trust and integrity, by providing the best product- MTH Pumps- serving a wide variety of markets and industries including boiler feed, condensate return, chillers/temperature controllers, water services, refrigeration, petroleum.


We distribute MTH Pumps for a wide variety of chemical process operations like absorption refrigeration, ammonia, boiler feed service, booster service, car& truck washes, chillers, circulating condensate return, coolant systems, cooling, de-icing service, DI H20 extractors, filler back flush, fire suppression, fire systems, fluid handling, fluid transfer, Freon, fuel cells, heat exchangers, hot water pumping, hydrostatic testing, medical imaging, metering refrigerant transfer, refrigeration, reversed osmosis, seal flushing, temperature control, wash down service, water pumping. etc.


We offer and distribute MTH Pumps for a large variety of application specs and data:

  • 140, 150, 160,170,180,250,260,270 and 280 Series Pumps
  • C41, C51, C61 Series pumps.
  • Canned motor pumps, Centrifugal pumps, closed-coupled pumps, compact pumps.
  • Corken pumps alternatives. Cornell pumps alternatives. Custom designed pumps.
  • Roth pumps alternatives.S31, S41, SC31, T31, T41, T51, X31, X41, X51, E41 Series pumps.
  • Grundfos pump alternatives, hermetic motor pumps, high head pressure & horizontal mount pumps.
  • Procon pump alternatives, pumping equipment, quiet pumps, regenerative turbine pumps.
  • Turboflex pumps, Teikoku Pump alternatives, Titanium pumps, turbine pumps, zero emission pumps.


Scantronix Inc. will continue to lead innovation in the exclusive distribution, sales and service of MTH standard product lines:

  • We distribute mechanically sealed regenerative turbines for low flow high pressure applications.
  • We provide small centrifugal pumps for applications between 60PSI & 150GPM.
  • We provide MTH's Custom Engineered Products such as sea-less canned versions of MTH's turbine products.
  • We distribute large line of sea-less canned centrifugal pumps in ranges up to 300PSI and 2000GPM
  • As extensive network of knowledgeable and well established "Channel Partners" throughout the Latin American Continent.


Please send an e-mail or give us a call with your technical fluid process requirements and we'll be happy to provide with the best technical and most economical MTH Pump solution.

Maria Yanez
General Manager


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